Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Nope, Spencer is not Dorothy for Halloween. He dressed up as his other passion in life - Thomas the Train. Madison is Sleeping Beauty, Skyler a Ninja and Megan just wanted to be something scary. She definitely succeeded. The kids came home with a load of candy. (I've been having sleepless nights worrying about all the candy "bugs" eating away at their teeth)


Autumn said...

Yay Tanya!! I'm so happy to see a new post on your blog....5 new posts!! Love them all! My favorite though is the one of Spencer in his Dorothy costume! That is just about the cutest thing ever!! Love how he has the ruby slippers and all!

Keep on blogging!!

Chelsea said...

Hooray for Tanya!! The kids are getting so big! Spencer and Dorothy? That is so cute! I love it. Go Meg! I'm glad she is loving soccer so much.

Chelsea said...

I made my blog private. E-mail your e-mail address to me so I can add you to the readers